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mithun samanta

Decades went away. I understood the psychology of passion.

I realised the working mechanism of our mind towards study, towards the manifestation of any realistic goal of life.
In the meantime 12 NLP Coaches guided me, taught me, helped me with their learnings, knowledge, techniques, tools and real solutions that actually worked and changed my thought process completely inside out.

What do I do and How can I help you?

Today I am happy to share all those tools and techniques with all the students for the sake of betterment of their study.
I feel the greatest energy level inside my mind when I realised and implemented the secret of resuming study even after quitting it a decade ago.
These techniques are known as NLP for students and I teach some MEMORY TECHNIQUES as well for the students to 
Sharpen their memory, 
Learn how to Concentrate, 
Understand the secret of unlimited memory, 
How to sit for long hours while studying, 
Vanish Exam Phobia, 
Get rid off Fear of English Subject, 
Required English Grammar for Spoken English
How to deal with psychological accidents, 
Maths that help boost your memory power, 
How to remember long answers, 
Get 30%-40% higher marks than past exams
And many more
Today when I flash back my a decade and more I find something like if any of such mentor could ever come in my life back then.
But the best thing is today I am having all those resources which sometimes back I neglected. 
Today I can help all those parents and who want their Kids, Son or Daughter to perform better in the exams.
I can share with Students all the techniques I implemented in my life to boost confidence in study.
How to make your study interesting in your life and work for that until you secure very good grades in your exams.
Overall I guarantee you if you follow and practice all my techniques and tools, you will surely be able to secure 30%-40% higher marks in current semester and in final board exam.
Above all these memory techniques will help you both in learning new things and retaining those in your memory. 
These will also help your next generations ahead to come.
It’s all because as a mentor, I want to help all those students who are in distress now like I was back then in 2006. 
Thank you so much for reading my personal journey of life which later became my passion to profession.
If you are a parent and want to give the best gift to your kid don’t hesitate to choose my Memory Power Mastery | Topper’s Study Secret Course. Because this is a mandatory need throughout your kid’s student life.
Only remember one thing if your kid is below class 4th standard then you learn the course along with your kid and teach him or her as they grow with age.
My earnest request is to help them become smart student throughout their student life. Help them consider study and student life as interesting and the best life ever.
You know one thing, today as well we all are students. But my question is how much do we remember without applying any Memory technique.
Lastly, I would like to mention that there is no such thing as good memory or bad memory, there is only trained and untrained memory.
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