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Score 100 Meditation

আগামী 26th January পর্যন্ত অ্যাডভানস কোর্স কিনলে 400/- টাকার মেমরি বিল্ডিং Meditation সম্পূর্ণ বিনামুল্যে পাবেন

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Are You Parent Of Kids Who Can't Memorize What They Study?

Is Your Child Very Poor In Concentration?

Then, I have some good news for you.

After working with 100+ Aspiring Parents and Students in the past two years, I have created a Memory Booster System using which any Student can get 30%-40% more marks in their Final Exams Without Changing Private Tutors.

And, the reason for my students getting these results is that they spend just 3-4 minutes a day to practice the techniques that I teach them.

I call this Memory Power Mastery and right now, we have dozens of different students in almost every Districts.

Like Goutam Chakraborty, who is outperforming using practice of various techniques able to memorize 20 chunks of information at a time.

And Papai Hazra was able to secure 50% More Marks than the Previous Class just by Studying 3-4 hours a day with rapt attention.


Our Best Selling Online Courses

These are some of the Top Selling Courses Published by Mithun Samanta.

Why Do You Need To Choose Us?

Best and Easy techniques for all types of ages of students to Achieve Mastery in Memory Power.

Single Focus

We will help you Learn Focused Attention :- How to hold your focus for a long time on any single task, accomplish it, then focus on the next one.

Daily Practice

Consultation and Daily Practice for Concentration Development Practice. Because almost every parent says do concentration. But most don't know themselves how to concentrate.

Student's Surrounding

Social Groups, Classes, batches for wholistic learning environment. The Power of Learning as a Group.

Personalised Goal Setting

Wherever Your Focus goes energy flows. We help you learn Personalised, Relaxed Focus so that you can manifest all you big goals.

Do You Need a Mentor for Your Son or Daughter's Study Progress?

The Science Behind Topper's Success

Role of Mentor

When it comes to role of a mentor, he or she must be empathetic. This boosts self confidence within mentee.

Benefits that students Get

That unlocks the hidden potential within. practice the techniques that I teach them.

Review Show Case

eLearning Specialist, Ex Bank Specialist, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur

 “Memory Power Mastery” is the revolutionary journey and beneficial for all students. It is a funny way of learning and memorizing study material.

Amit Singh

Primary School Teacher

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