How to use Has,Have,Had in your daily Spoken English Phrases

This is where I am explaining some of the sentences where we use Have and Has as possessing something

I have a story book
He has a new hair cut
The washing machine has leak
It has a hole inside
Students have done a good performance this year
We have a meeting
Andrew had a new car
The fishing man has colour full boats
The company has vacancies right now

How to use had as someone used to possess something.

They had a party last night-গতরাতে তাদের একটা পার্টি ছিল
I had to go to the bank yesterday-আমার গতকাল ব্যাঙ্কে যেতেই হতো
Emma had already left when he arrived-সে যখন এসেছিল এমা ততক্ষণে বেরিয়ে গিয়েছিল
We had returned from our trip last week-আমরা গত সপ্তাহে আমাদের ভ্রমণ থেকে ফিরে এসেছি
I had a dog-আমার একটা কুকুর ছিল
When there is something I used to have but currently I am not having, in that case we can use had.


So far we came to know about the use of verb have, has and had as possessing something. This is usually used to indicate to have for of these verbs.