How to Use Do,Does and Did to learn Verbs in Spoken English?

In this article I have discussed how to make questions using do does did as helping verb. Let’s understand it with structure and examples.

But my earnest appeal to you is that you have to practice on a regular basis for atleast 1 hour.

Structure: Do/Does/did+Subject+Verb(1st form)+Rest Of the Sentence?

Do I know you?
Does he work with you?
Does it snow in winter?
Don’t you like the movie?
Does she speak French?

Let’s now understand it with help of Did.

I did not know you were coming- আমি জানতাম না যে তুমি আসছিলে
Did he know you?-সে কি তোমাকে চিনত
Did you enjoy the party?-পার্টিটা উপভোগ করেছিল তো তুমি
Did he call you?-সে কি তোমাকে ফোন করেছিল