How to use ‘who’ in our daily online Spoken English Sentences?

Here is a list of sentences where I am explaining how to make sentences using why in our online spoken english daily classes.

What you have to do now? You have to practice very easily with these type of sentences.

1.Who’s there? -ওখানে কে

2.Who cares? -কার কি আসে যায়
3.Who won? -কে জিতেছিলো
4.Who ate? -কে খেয়েছিল
5.Who came? -কে এলো
6.Who fell?-কে পড়লো
7.Who’s speaking?-কে কথা বলছে
8.Who has come?-কে কে এলো
9.Who sent you?-আপনাকে কে পাঠিয়েছে
10.Who ran? -কে দৌড়াল
11.Who are they?-তারা কে
12.Who is he/she?-উনি কে
13.Who are you?-আপনি কে
14.Who’s that? -ওটা কে
15.Who wants tea?-চা লাগবে কার
16.Who is that? -ওটা কে
17.Who will drive?-কে চালাবে


Spoken English is the future of any country. Because you know starting from any Panchayet Level form to Muncipility level and official level people need to read and write in English only.

English Grammar in the long run will help you to understand and maintain the confidence.

School,College,Offices,Court and in every aspect of official work is now done in english writing. If you want to face any interview for job,you have to write the Curriculum Vitae in english. In case you want to quit your job, you have to write your resignation letter in english.

Not only that If you want to apply for your Kid’s Birth Certificate, you have to know the basic understanding of english. Death certificate is not spared. You have to able to understand the written script in your family member’s death certificate. It is written in english only. Over all I can tell you along with your mother tongue, you have to develop your basic knowledge to understand English language. What we do with help of intervention of is none other than to provide with you the importance of Online Spoken English.

I will be the happiest person if few of my readers become able to improve by atleast 1 percent. I thank you all for reading this much in this blog section.

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